Only In Death Does Duty End

Ascension and death.

From a partially incinerated parchment

Specificity is a special kind of word. It’s often used in arcane and uncommon works such as Markhams classification of Daemonic beings. It’s used to describe horrors in such a way as to make them manageable. There’s an entire vocabulary of words like it. Proportional is another, comparative a third. A lexicon for turning immutable truth into something palatable. The inquisition has all the time in the world for details, all the time in all the worlds for specificity. 3 months of boredom and wasted time whilst they explored every nuance of events. They tested for the taint in so many ways but all the only ones that matter. All the qualities that are cherished in the inquisition were ignored, all the best traits in a servant of man excused. Ambition, loyalty, duty to a cause. Do they not understand that these things are the perfect host for infection? I sit here now, composing this that I will shortly consign to the fire, to ash. Recently I have…sought to excel at my duty. To be teh best, to be seen as the best. To accomplish great things, no matter the cost. I have sought power. I have sought the role of inquisitor. This desire, is it to serve mankind, or be free of it? Zak still watches me, in all that I do. Do I seek to bind her to my service for all our lives, or to end hers and live myself, as rogue but free? I know not, merely that I know myself, and my ambition wanders across bloodlust and carnal desire. I want it, I need it. But why?

And why now?


moxiane djones0823

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