Only In Death Does Duty End

Episode 5

And they say the heart of a star has no soul.

The combat ceased, suddenly. Where there was fire, fury and chaos there was only silence, silence and racing hearts. Rezrel barked orders immediately, his strained voice echoing across an area unused to the voidness of post panic hysteria. The priest and he checked the bodies for information, resources, weaponry whilst the adept helped and assisted Zak to her feet. Injured, but not mortally so, for now.

Normal service was resumed. The level elevator arrived with people decanting, bodies fearful but not panicing like the crowd before as they looked upon the site. The party hurried to the lift and attempted to mingle, concealing weapons, adjusting clothing. Unfortunately the tech priest had taken with him 4 lasguns…Oh well.

After some debate on the journey back to the core, of Carnodont’s foot and the spaceport the group decided to attempt to secure the cargo and then attend to Zak’s injuries. Whilst they were unable to properly get the book to safety they were able to get their launch window active and their ship prepped to go. They had 87 minutes. not the tightest of windows but not one with room for error so they hastened at once to the medical facilities of the weapons market. After all, accidents do happen. Some brief discretionary funds later Zak was patched up, not healed but well enough to walk mostly on her own and the team returned to their ship. Nervous, Anxious. The fear of ambush surrounding them. They approached the launchmasters office and whilst nothing seemed off, senses were heightened.

They received their directions. Their path was set. Their way clear…and it led into a supernova.

Upon arriving at the dock where their ship will arrive, faces and bodies melted out of the shadows around them. Heavily armed and armoured men, weapons pointed at them, their intentions inclined towards the man standing before them. The bird masked man.

He wanted the book, and did not want our corpses. He offered a deal. Three objects of heretical value for the book they possessed. A good deal. Despite the clear imbalance of power the man seemed intent on negotiating on equal terms. He could of killed the party with a flicker of thought, a gesture for his men to fire but he did not. Rezrel conducted business but ultimately decided that the man’s word would be tested, for he would not deal. Of course, this was after he received a somewhat overt confession of possesion of heretical items from the man.

It was suggested that some property of the book itself is what kept the man from taking it, rather than any much more palatable reasons for the group itself, however the man left. Leaving us to debark from the hive, mission successful.

The adept was not pleased. Severus intoned clearly his displeasure at the mission, his feelings towards the psyker made clear and whilst several threats may of have innocently been made, a compromise was made between the pair. Peace for survival. Unfortunately Zak was not inclined to such a deal and as they entered the sheer bulk of the Scourge of damnation she challenged the priest. His actions. His recklessness had killed innocents and she of the Arbites would not ignore this. Severus however disagreed declaring them as acceptable losses.

As was his foot.


This summary is terrible, it makes no mention at all of the most important thing that happened in the entire session, which was that we saw a micro-cogitator!

Episode 5
moxiane Zicon

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