Only In Death Does Duty End

Maza's log, an excerpt

Subject: recent events

The warp taints everything.

We build. Oh, how we build, how we lay down systems and logistics and infrastructure, and how great are the things that grow from them, reflections of the Omnissiah in their divine complexity!

And always, the touch of the warp, perverting the work of every hand, turning effort to ruin and plans to chaos.

And now those that truck with this other side have plans. They mean to disrupt the very laws of space and time, to pervert the rules set down by the Omnissiah for Mankind to understand, use and exploit for the good of all. Oh, how they must hunger to see it all cast down, that divinely ordained order that stands against all their psychic filth!

It is said that no plan survives contact with the enemy. Very well, then. Let them have plans.

We shall be the Enemy.


moxiane axioaxiomatic

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