Only In Death Does Duty End

The working notes of Rezrelian Rothsman

Therin lies a distraction. To catch a gunduke one must bait the line. Discretion is the better part of not getting shot for ignoring orders. Arbitration deemed untenuable. We sit in a taxi cogitating, discussing, considering, captivating my mind in a quints-point preference of plot and plan.

To catch a gun-duke, one must bait the line.

But what bait would suffice?

Where identities are better left in the dusk of an elder motel, pay by the soul, it is found to be most convenient to become a new thing. A new entity. CellCENSOREDREDACTED is to evolve and grow.

Initial problem : To approach the gun-duke within the guise of hte inquisition is to invite death.
Secondary problem : We’re meant to be missing presumed dead. As such anonymity is preferred.

Solution : Engage the gun-duke in terms that an inquisitorial retinue simply would never do. Ergo : Become antagonistic villains bent on reclaiming the streets from him.

In short? We take over the slums of his pretty little playground, distrupt his plans and engage him under the guise of criminals.

The untouchable is a problem. He knows our faces. We want him alive, but…dead will do.
Establish ourselves as a rival organisation. Use underground resources to target and remove his own network. Neutralise the untouchable, and then set up an ambush.



moxiane djones0823

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