Only In Death Does Duty End

When it rains

From the pages of Zak's personal journal

Things just don’t get any better, do they. If we’re not hitch-hiking with pirates, being ambushed by traitors, or having an enforced holiday in Eldar care, then we’re presumed dead. Even better, we’ll have to stay that way that way until Hekate finds said traitors, and while she searches, we’re not getting paid, nor do we have our usual resources. The only upside so far? This planet does not smell as bad as the last one.

But not to worry, Rezrel has a plan. Which means any sane person would pack up their stuff and leave the sector with haste, while we … we try to make the plan less horrible, because, let’s face it, when Rezrel starts making plans, we’re out of other options a long time ago.

And so it has come to us creating a fake crime empire in the Samarian underground, giving ourselves a semi-steady platform from which to hunt The Gun-Duke. Flavion will be the face of our crime lord, with Rezrel, Maza and myself as his prime enforcers. I feel a headache coming on, and I suspect it will last for months to come…


moxiane Zicon

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