Lady Inquisitor Inya Hekate


Lady Hekate is an imposing figure, standing fully 178cm (although the finely-made magboots she habitually wears increase that to 180). She has grey eyes, olive skin and long dark hair bound into a dozen braids that reach the small of her back, each with a highly-polished trinket at the end. Her left arm is a marvel of augmetics, the original having been lost in battle with a daemon many years ago, apparently constructed from bronze and crystal, it moves with all the fluidity and grace of flesh but persistent rumour among her Acolytes has it that the arm has capabilities far beyond the natural.

She usually wears a long crimson greatcoat, high collared and with gold piping, the coat has the epaulets of a general of the Imperial Guard, although it has no regimental insignia or ribbons, a carapace breastplate stamped with the insignia of the Inquisition, and black trousers made from the skin of some type of scaled animal. Hanging at her left hip is an ancient powersword with a short, curved blade and an ornate basket hilt, while on her right sits holstered her sidearm, made personally for her by one of the High Magos of the Lathe worlds, an arcane bolter/plasma combi-pistol.

Apart from her purely physical prowess, Lady Hekate is also a powerful psyker. Reliable gossip within her retinue has it that she once destroyed a creature from the Immaterium by hurling the shattered wreck of a Leman Russ tank it with her psychokinetic abilities.

Lady Inquisitor Inya Hekate

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