Only In Death Does Duty End

Nine Tenths of the Law

Aboard the Spire-class rogue trader vessel “Piety is its Own Reward”
Date: 011905.M41

M S O N . A L E R T . . . . . . . . . . . C R I M S O N . A L E R T . . . . . . . . . . . C R

L U R E . . . . . . . . . . . G E L L E R . F I E L D . F A I L U R E . . . . . . . . . . . G

Geller field failures detected at decks 87-89, 178 and 380-385. Breach teams are to assemble at bulkhead doors in full gear with wards and hexagrams.

This is not a drill.

Non-essential personnel are to remain at their stations. Crew bunkrooms have been sealed for the safety of the ship. Do not attempt to leave.

All passengers are to remain where they are. A ship’s officer will escort you to your quarters.

If you suspect a breach in your immediate vicinity strike the nearest Rune of Awakening to call for assistance.


Geller field failures detected at decks 87-89, 178 and 380-385. Breach teams are to assemble at bulkhead doors in full gear with wards and hexagrams.

This is not a drill.

M S O N . A L E R T . . . . . . . . . . . C R I M S O N . A L E R T . . . . . . . . . . . C R

L U R E . . . . . . . . . . . G E L L E R . F I E L D . F A I L U R E . . . . . . . . . . . G

Who are we? We're the good guys.

There are few things in this world that I fear. I respect Zak. I respect the end of her gun. I respect the fact that someday, maybe even soon It may be the last thing I see. But I do not fear it. I respect the priest. He and his machinations are beyond my ken, as if like magic he tinkers and toys with the machines of man. I respect him and his cult. But they are not of the magos, they are not of the warp or of His ilk. No. I respect but do not fear.

The Emperor, I fear. Having seen deep into him upon my sanction. Inya Hekate I fear, her skill and art of such sublime power that it is wise to tremble before her, lest hubris strike. And finally, Enri of the golden mask I fear.

Of course we know his intervention was inevitable, surprise did not grip me upon his appearance. Just fear. Even though my most trusted friends Zak and Maza wielded high death upon foes before me, I had little confidence if it came to that they’d do much more than heat my corpse as their efforts splashed harmlessly against him to the glow of my boneless corpse. Oh yes. the guards death before was most definitely of Enri’s design, to which he expressed ownership. Banter proceeded, seeking of intentions revealed, as expected, little. He wanted the pilgrims of Hayte removed. He professed innocencein relations to Brechter, although his involvement seems likely since we spotted him there and he evaded any questions on that subject. I file that Enri is our most likely suspect for the destruction and removal of Observation cell codenamed Brechter.

An enemy of our Mistress, of course would be no fool…Well. That’s I suppose a matter of interpretation. Anyone whom is an enemy of Inya is a fool, but a clever one at that, and he avoided my attempts to ensnare him in future confrontations, hopefully however a worm of doubt might of crept into his plans. We conversed, we talked. He scared the living crap out of someone who makes a profession out of scaring people.

He departed and we got to the rescue. Untying the prisoner and vacating the area. Hauling the unconscious man we departed the scene of so many dead. Using the vehicles of cultists we drove away from the chemical works as we interrogated the prisoner. Maza, I’m sure beneath his face grill had a smile of such proportions as we sped from the immolation he caused, fires ripping through buildings and vats of chemicals. As the fires flared against the darkness of the sky the prisoner had the unforutnate temerity of asking who we are.

Turning to him, the battered bus hurtling down empty dust track roads, square miles of fire behind us I replied, more honest than perhaps he wanted that we were of course…the good guys.

And that as they say, is that. Fire and death. Fear and ruin. I fear little but that which I do fear, well…those things pave the wave to hell.

Episode 17
Personal log, Zacharea von Pinn

After rigging the silos with explosives manufactured by Maza, our next task was to assure the absense of any hostages or other innocents on the premises, before blowing the whole chemical plant — and the Pilgrims of Hayte with it — sky high.

Thus we made our way to the High Energy Compound. The tech priest found the debris-filled surroundings to provide natural camouflage to someone in his condition, while I made full use of my natural advantages to approach unseen. The psyker went looking for random pipes with his feet.

The resulting ruckus naturally attracted the attention of a guard, and Rezrel immediately employed a high-risk distraction. A distraction that was ultimately not needed as said guard unexpectedly fell to the ground, the accompanying noises indicating and a cursory examination confirming that every bone in his body broke at once. The psyker swears it was not his doing. I note how convenient it is that the only known witness to our approach was so thoroughly disposed of.

Further examination found that the guard in question had an apparently natural, fully functional tail. The tail was harvested as evidence of a potential xeno incursion, to be given to the appropriate authorities at a later point.

According to Maza’s assessment the HEC appears maintained and thus occupied. With this hypothesis in mind, we attempted entrance through the building’s single door, finding it rusted thoroughly shut.

Sidenote: Rezrel requires minor punishment at next opportune moment.

At this point the sound of drums and chanting could be heard throughout the complex, seeming to originate in the area of Refinery B. With this our new primary target, we repeated our approach pattern, down to the detail of Rezrel’s face finding the mud along the way.

At the site we could see dozens of cultists chanting while a sacrifice was prepared. Three robed figured stood separate, joining the group as a man in fancier robes stepped up to the sacrifice. Rezrel, having joined the crowd, communicated that fancyrobes was hot.

We prepared ourselves for an outright attack, but was beaten to it by an unknown third party. Upon fancyrobes’ orders, the crowd moved to deal with this party. We wasted no time. Some quick shots sunk both fancyrobes and his large henchman, but not before the former had the chance to conjure up something dark and punishing that puts him squarely within our job description.

The whole thing took only moments, the gunfire already dying down as Rezrel moved to intercept the third party, Maza and myself plotting a course to rescue the sacrifice.

I was too far away to hear the words spoken, but more than close enough to recognise the man leading the attackers as he came into view.


Sometimes I wish this job would surprise me. Then I remember the things that do surprise me on these missions, and think better of it.

Episode 16



Cabdrivers and cult leaders.

Having secured the headquarters of Brechter, the intrepid acoyltes secured the information they’d require for a proper hunt of the cult. Although the building seemed empty, Havelock remained on watch.

I used my power of the warp to infec…heal Havelock of his tender wounded flesh, a result of his haste and perhaps…incompetence? At any rate, on departing we secured the entrance to the facility with improvised explosives, to protect Havelock as he remained on guard.

After disposing of the physical evidence, having captured the likeness of all involved upon Zak’s pict recorder the group minus Havelock depared the area, walking for some time before encountering a battered broken cab. Suspicious the party laid a verbal trap in the form of a guided deliberate heretical conversation referencing classified information, but the cabby did not seem to be an agent of the enemy. Debarking near the central senate building, the group filtered through the market, confirming that they were not being followed, ambushed or assaulting before entering the chapel of St Thrysus the untiring…

What lays beyond, the group do not know…only that something, someone is watching, and somewhere, Enri remains.

Episode 14
Traps & Tribulations!

The party prudently regrouped in the face of overwhelming opposition. Then they got in a cab and left that area of the city, headed for the Inquisition safehouse in the Ministorum district.

Arriving there, Havelock went ahead, tripping traps with his inexpert fumbling, lacking as he did the relevant skills to disarm them properly. It was only through sheer luck that this lack of heed did not cause alarms to go off and the party to be horribly slain. Instead, he managed to penetrate into the safehouse, which had seen better days. Entrance into the secure portion was barred by a door. Rezrel and Zak picked the lock with shotgun and boot.

Finally, the Techpriest was allowed to do some actual work, and using a data spindle found inside the safehouse, he retrieved this information, without which the acolytes would surely have been doomed…

307904 – 13 new arrivals at chemical works. Must identify organisation and leader. Prioritise data capture with long-lense pict.

383904 – Drone-planted vid-source working perfectly. Scenes of initiation ceremony captured. Definitely proscribed cult activity. Identification needed.

411904 – Data available suggest cult be preliminarily identified as Pilgrims of Hayte sub-cell. Location of leader (known as False Prophet) vital for complete eradication. Suggested same to HQ, was agreed.

432904 – Vid-sources in chemical plant have been rendered non-functional. Tomas has been gone for two days now. Compromise is suspected. Operations to be sealed and secured prior to security assessment, as per protocol SQ902j.

Some images were stored along with the records. I will not describe them here.

Episode 13
Encounter at Kasthor!

The team is graced with a new member.

The impression he gives is of a flighty man, prone to wandering off if he is not minded like a child. While Havelock entertained himself by chatting up locals unconnected to the investigation, the techpriest Maza Blaska successfully found his lost teammates, whereupon they (minus the wayward Havelock) investigated the former offices of the cell that had dropped out of communication.

The area was sealed off by official investigation, but nevertheless, our principal actors gained entry. But before any useful clues could be found, disaster nearly overtook our acolytes! It was only by quick wit and quicker fit that they were able to vacate the premises before they were seen by Enri, who has appeared for unknown reasons.

Though of course, it must be admitted that we possess no proof that we were NOT seen by the Bird in Gold…

Why is he here? To suppose that his presence is mere coincidence is folly, of course, and now the investigation must turn to these most pressing questions – what connection does Enri have to the corruption spreading across the entire planet, and how can our Acolytes possibly hope to survive another encounter?

Hell to Pay

.begin: document
.coding: ClxStd “StegSix”
.priority: rubyThree
.date: 937904.M41
.path: CLX002703-CLX474508-CLX600402


+ From: Inquisitor Hekate
+ To: cellThrysus

+ Congratulations again on successfully foiling the Metallican hereteks’ scheme to kidnap a number of experienced weaponsmiths. By doing so you prevented their knowledge and skills from falling into the hands of those inimical to the Imperium. Recruiting a local to assist was unorthodox, but his addition to the cell has been approved on a probationary basis.

+ An observation and analysis cell operating in Kasthor, the principal city of Yvaigne, has missed its last three scheduled astropathic check-ins. Protocol requires an immediate on-site examination of the cell (coded as Brechter) and its personnel and records.

+ Therefore you are to proceed to Yvaigne aboard the rogue trader vessel “Piety is its Own Reward” using the lander “Saint Angefel”. Upon arrival you are to head directly to their base of operations and investigate Brechter with a view to understanding the cause of their communications lapse.

+ In the event that Brechter was compromised you are to contain and eliminate any breach of the Holy Ordos’ security. Local planetary forces are not to be informed of your presence – Brechter believed both local enforcement and the PDF to be infiltrated. Should back-up be necessary there is an Arbites keep in Kasthor. This should be considered a final resort.

+ Additional: their final report said that Brechter had located and was investigating a cultist grouping operating within the outer habs of Kasthor. Long-range pict- and vox-captures suggest that these were members of a proscribed cult. The cell Alpha recommended that a purge be postponed pending further surveillance aimed at obtaining more data as to the cult’s identity and that of any leader(s) it may have.

+ A datagram of Kasthor has been included with this message.

+ The Emperor protects.

.signed: Inquisitor Inya Hekate
.auth: sigmaSix-alphaTen


Thought for the day: Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life.

Episode 12
There and back again, or how we almost died to beings greater than we could ever imagine.

Gravity swelled. You don’t think of such a thing, usually. “Gravity is a constant”, they say. A permanent, a postulate presence upon the stars. Like the god empereror, they say. Peons, Neophytes, nobodies. A constant. Pah. When sudden movement and acceleration amongst the stars hits you in the middle of a battle against a mad Magos, formerly of the tech priests, shielded by an impenetrable forcefield and aided by minions of the most deadly order throws off your aim…Well. Fuck constants. Gravity swelled as the chamber shifted, detached, launched. As 4 heavily ‘armed’ servitors rose from the very ground Maza struck out at the Magos. Light blinded. Fury fired. Damage. Nil. The bright white searing of his hellgun splashed simply aside against an energy field of immense strength. Confusion reigned for a second, bullets flew. Zak reloaded. A servitor went down and comprehension struck. 5 great machines circled the Techpriest sarcophagus. 5 great machines, or as I like to think of it…5 additional targets.

We went to work then, Maza, Zak and I. The magos roared and he flailed, but his targets were nimble and quick. Dodging this way and that, going to work on his protective technology. The servitors fulfilling their function fired furiously upon the acolytes. I took a hit, minor, the pain a focus. Another servitor went down beneath the hail of my hecuter and the might of my mind. Zak gutted a third and set the fourth on fire. As Maza and I finished off the great machines the last servitor charged me, striking forcefully at me. I absorbed the blow, mostly. The fire however was not within my control. The stench of seared flesh and cotton filled the air as the platform descended, relatively speaking.

Until, near the end, as the last machine burnt into history, the magos in his fury lashed out with his mecandrites, striking myself and the last servitor to the floor. Zak and Maza once again proved adept at agile defence, leaping over the massive arms to strike once more, fatally at the Magos.

VICTORY WAS OURS! The heretic remained, defeated, dead.

“Thank you”. A grind, a click. An echo of a ghost of a noise. Then from everywhere, “Thank you.” The Cephalophore awoke, fully, intimately. Chalice itself disintegrated as the Xeno took full control of the vessel, full control that we enabled…having slain the only one resisting it’s power.

It spoke to us then of it. It’s goal, it’s intentions. Secure in the belief that it posed no threat to man, it’s destination far beyond the imperium a decision was made. A negotiation, and whilst were made or attempted the platform itself was relocated towards Iota.

An immense being, that. Doubts fill my mind. Perhaps I think we should of retreated, called in assistance. Perhaps, I think. The grey knights. but the dead is done, the heretics were slain and whilst, I think…whilst I consider the choices they made I wonder if I would of done the same in their shoes. The deaths of 15,000 citizens of His lay at their feet, at their command. They deserved death, execution. But were we the people to do so? I know not.

I believed the inquistion was about saving mankind. I know of the horror of the warp. I know what lies, beyond the veil. This is why I am Malleus, this is why I am.

But we saved nothing except the essence of revenge…

Episode 11
Curses on thee, tongue of evil, cursed be thy life forever

The portal was damaged by hellgun-fire, but not enough to permit entry.

Maza Blaska found a heavily-laden cart, and ran it into the obstruction at full speed, creating an entry hole, but suffered an injury in the process. The psyker assisted.

The party came across the Magos behind the atrocity. Maza sang the Rite of Excommunication, severing the heretek’s connection to the holy order. It remains only to deliver the Omnissiah’s Final Admonition.


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