Enri Desquarle

A man wearing golden robes and a mask in the shape of a bird’s head. The acolytes first ran into him at an illegal auction of heretical items, then again when he wanted to buy the item they had acquired at said auction off of them. He asked the acolytes to send his greetings to Inquisitor Hekate.

Enri has power similar to staring into the sun when his mind is inspected by a psyker.

He was spotted yet again as the acolytes were investigating Kasthor on Yvaigne. Here he crushed a man about to shoot the acolytes to a literal paste.

While on Oubliette-781 the acolytes where shown a future, thirteen years from that point, where Enri had consumed every star in the sector. The inquisitorial agent that showed them this future indicated that the acolytes were the force required to prevent this future from happening.

Information gotten from Infossor Tedrit states that Enri was once an acolyte and working with Inya Hekate, but he has since gone rogue.

Rezrel Rothsman suspects that Enri has daemons under his control.


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