Infossor Tedrit is a techpriest built into Oubliette-781 to maintain the place. He had been there for 319 years and 513 segments when the acolytes encountered him. He wears a golden mask.

He once made mask resembling an animal for a boy with horrible scarring, upon the request of the boy’s female colleague. The acolytes believe the people in question to be Enri and Hekate. This mask was made to follow his speech exactly, and has atmofiltering.

Tedrit turned out to be a heretek. He let his servitors kill the acolytes gathered on Oubliette-781, and presumably released one of the entities trapped there. The acolytes killed him, and in his dying moments he gave them the code that would stop the Oubliette from being sanctioned.

The vox system, which has been ruminating over Maza’s request, replies simply: SANCTION 11 - MASS DISPLACEMENT VIA VORTEX BOMBARDMENT


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