Only In Death Does Duty End

Episode 1

Part-Time Jobs and Inventory Management

The party landed at Tarsus and made their way to Carnodont’s Foot, having been contacted by Nexus Sion.

Once there, Maza scouted out possible entrances and exits, while Rezrel offered card-readings to passers by. Zak and Severus wandered off to a nearby gun market and spent the remainder of the session managing their inventories and dickering with a shopkeeper.

Rezrel foretold the future of an enigmatic woman who later turned out to be Nexus Sion, the party’s contact. She provided the party with the location of the auctions, invitation chips, as well as rooms in the Carnodont’s Foot. The auction is to be held the following day at noon, level 17, section A – following the green lights.


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