Only In Death Does Duty End

In fire, In fury, In failure.

Scribbles and scrobbles.

The pariah got away. I consider this a personal failure. A personal black mark. I want him. I need him.

We all have our plans, the inquisition needs to know what he knows, and his power, invaluable.

The inquisitor escaped the fires, taking his personal retinue with him, abandoning his others to the fury of the inquisition, the arbites and the pdf. Would Hekate flee in such a manner, I wonder?

I doubt it. She would fight.

I hope. I Would, I think. I am no stranger to violence after all.

This Eko intrigues me. The gun-duke. An intriguing title. I desire it. I am better than almost anyone with a pistol. Perhaps he is better. I would like to see that.


moxiane djones0823

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