Only In Death Does Duty End

No Pressure

From the pages of Zak's personal journal

Rezrel is acting stranger than usual.

Hah. I’m trapped in an icy tomb where secrets come to die. All the other acolytes that came to this place to partake in the ceremony are dead, killed by the heretic tech priest that was bound to maintain this place. Something has escaped from Deep Storage, will likely hunt us soon, and the only weapons we have to protect us are the Emperor’s cock and balls. This entire place has been sanctioned and will be displaced into the Warp in mere hours. We’ve been briefly pulled away and shown a future where Enri has eaten every star in this sector, a future we alone can prevent.

For all that, this is my first thought when I finally find a moment to put some words down:

Rezrel is acting stranger than usual.

But Rezrel is acting stranger than usual. There is a sharp madness about him. Madness, but not. He lectures me about duty. Me. Not long ago I would have thought him taunting me, trying to make me beat him again, claiming the small victory of making me lose control. I knew that was a game, and I played it willingly. But this … this is new. If this is a new game, all I can do is watch him until I learn the rules.


moxiane Zicon

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