Only In Death Does Duty End

The twin conceits of death and demise

It took me months. I searched every low rent hab and market in the bloody hive. It took more than a few psyker tricks and a not insignificant amount of charm and favours to find him.

But I did. The sun was setting when I approached him. I could feel the minders 4 streets away. It took me another 2 weeks after finding him to get an invitation. Even I knew not to just walk up to him and demand a gun. Some people just don’t see past the short stature, or the ginger hair…or well the fact I’m a freak against nature I guess. That’s probably more to do with it.

I wanted something special, something me. Something new, something powerful, strong, bold, quiet, deadly. I wanted death in a barrel, I wanted so very much. He, I found, could provide everything.

We started with the proportions. My hands are bigger than Zak’s. The bones in my right hand have been repeatedly broken over the years, leaving my hand functional but mishapen. The grip is different, slightly, molded to me. For the first time in a long time, i felt comfort in the heft of silver and steel.

Every week I returned, we practised, he showed me prototypes, asked me questions. Lighter, heavier? A stronger recoil for more stopping power. Do I ever use it one-handed, what do I hunt? Who do I kill. Am i a good shot, do I tend for killing blows or wounding shots…the questions went on, seemingly with little reference to what I understand is the making of a good gun.

I suspect, this is why he is the master, and I am just a user. I don’t think there’s any shame in admitting I am addicted to this weapon. Duskstinger we called it. Dawnstinger her twin, the cannon for Zak. Finished in matt blue and black, 6kg of weight, 3 chambers, 15 rounds. Each bullet passing through a custom built toxic reservoir. Rifled, Deadly accurate.

Now I have a weapon to duel the gun-duke. Now i have a gun to take down the heretic, to destroy the xenos. Now I have a weapon that truly matches the elegance of the warp within me. Beauty and destruction incarnate. It was worth every throne.


moxiane djones0823

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