Rezrel Rothsman

Void Born Lieutenant Savant (Rank 6)



WS BS+ S T+ Ag Int Per++ WP++++ Fel
37 41 23 30 25 32 42 66 33
Wounds Fate Points Insanity points Corruption Points
11 3 16 2

Skills, Traits & Talents


Name Description
Resistance Psychic Powers
Resistance Fear
Ill-omened You take a 5 penalty on all Fellowship Tests made to interact with non-void born humans.
Charmed Whenever you spend a Fate Point (though not if you burn one), roll a 1d10. On the roll of a natural 9, you do not lose the Fate Point.
Void accustomed You are immune to space travel sickness. In addition, zero- or low-gravity environments are not considered Difficult Terrain for you.
Unreadable Mind Immune to mindscan/similar abilities


Name Description Stat
Speak Language Low Gothic (Int)
Psyniscience Detect the ebb and flow of the warp (Per)
Invocation Full action Willpower test. If successful add WP to manifestation roll in the next turn (WP)
Trade Soothsaying+10 for profit and fun (Fel)
Literacy Read and write (Int)
Navigation (Stellar) (Int)
Pilot (Spacecraft) (Ag)
Awareness+20 Spot secret and hidden things, like Zak’s underwear (Per)
Forbidden Lore (Warp) Lore on the warp. (Int)
Forbideen Lore (Psykers) Lore on Psykers (Int)
Dodge+10 Dodge stuff and stuff. (Agi)
Inquiry Inquirying about stuff, and things (Fel)
Tech Use+10 Using Tech, yo (Int)
Chem Use+20 Using Chems, yo (Int)


Name Description
Melee Weapon Training Primitive
Pistol Weapon Training SP
Psy Rating 4 4d10 on manifestation rolls
Discipline Focus(Telepathy) +2 to manifest any telepathic psyker
Jaded Immune to insanity points from terrestial sources of horror
Quick Draw Ready as a free action
Rapid Reload Reload times reduced by half (round down)
Dark sight Can see in darkness
Corpus Conversion For every 2 points of voluntary damage, add WP to power rolls
Power Well +1 to manifestation rolls
Dead-eye shot -10 to called shot penalty
Sharpshooter No penalty to called shots

Minor Psychic Powers

Name Threshold Focus time Sustained Description
Lucky 6 half action No Reroll any failed test
Unnatural Aim 8 half action No +30 to hit
Call item 5 half action No Call a focused item to hand
Sense Presence 7 Half action Yes Detect all living creatures within 50m+10m per 5 overbleed
Inspiring Aura 6 Full action Yes Grant +20 bonus to fear and pinning to allies
Resist Possession 6 Reaction No Reroll 1 failed test to resist being possessed by a Daemon.
Healer 7 full action No Heal 1d5 damage(crit first)
Fearful Aura 7 full action Yes Gain fear rating of 2. Each 10 overbleed adds 1
Distort Vision 8 Free action No -30 to be hit.
Float 8 Half Action Yes Hover/go up and down
Dull pain 8 Half Action No Reduce fatigue by one step+one per 5 overbleed
Wall walk 8 Half Action Yes Walk on walls and ceilings
Trick 5 Half Action Yes Gamble+20
Chameleon 7 Half Action Yes +30 to concealment, all opponents suffer a -20 to BS tests
Forget Me 6 Half action No Range : 10m, suppress complete memory of myself for 1D10 minutes, +10 WP test to resist, 5 OVerbleed gives additional 1D10 minutes or worsens WP test by one step
Torch 5 Half action Yes Range : Me, create a light.
Weaken Veil 8 Full Action No Range : 50m. 5 Overbleed extend 10m or another weapon
Wither 6 Full Action No Range 3D10m 5 Overbleed extend by 1D10
Weaken Veil 9 Full Action Yes Range 30m 5 Overbleed 10m
Touch of Madness 11 Full Action No Range 100m 10 overbleed another target

Major Psychic Powers

Name Threshold Focus time Sustained Description
Compel 17 Half action No Opposed willpower test to compel target to follow my command, simple and able to take in one round. +20 if action is suicidal to WP. Overbleed : For every 10 points you gain +10 to opposed WP test
See me not 14 Half action Yes Up to 6 targets within 20m must succeed on a WP test or can no longer perceive me fo ras long as I sustain the power. For every 5 points of overbleed you can add another target or impose a -10 penalty on one targets willpower test
Dominate 24 Half action Yes Opposed WP test, If you succeed you control the other person, diving actions between you. Uses their characteristics, -10. Suicidal actions grant WP test to break hold. Overblled : For every 10 points you gain +10 to OWT
Mind Scan 23 Extended Action No Touch : Read minds
Pyschic Shriek 18 Half Action No Range : 10m, 6 degrees of fatigue to all designated targets within range. 10 points Overbleed extends range by 10m
Inspire 9 Half Action Yes Range : 6m, break fear and pinning effects, on sustain all in range immune to fear and pinning.


Name Class Rng Dmg Pen Traits Upgrades RoF Ammo
Sword Melee N/A 1D10+2R 0 Balanced, Primative None N/A N/A
Staff Melee N/A 1D10+2I 0 Balanaced, Primative None N/A N/A
Dagger(x3) Melee 3m 1D5R 0 Primative None N/A N/A
Pyskana Mercy blade Melee N/A 1D5R 0 Primative None N/A N/A
Hand Cannon Ranged 35m 1D10+4I 2 None None S/-/- 5 Normal
Hecuter Ranged 30m 1D10+3I 2 Rel FS, RDS, Exterminator S/3/6 18 Manstopper, 18 Dumdum, 18 Normal
Carnodon Ranged 35m 1D10+4I 2 Acc RDS S/3/- 6 Dumdum
Talon MkIII(1) Ranged 30 1D10+2I 0 None None S/2/6 18 Manstopper
Talon MkIII(2) Ranged 30 1D10+2I 0 None None S/2/6 18 Dumdum
Duskstinger Ranged 55m 1D10+6I 5 Acc, Tox FS, RDS, Silencer S/-/- 2 Amputator, 7 Manstopper, 5 Dumdum


Head Body Legs Arms
Carapace helm(4) Xeno mesh(4) Xeno mesh(4) Xeno mesh(4)

Personal Inventory

Name Function Special
Good quality many pocketed robes Clothing N/A
Quilted vest Clothing N/A
Spare shoddy robes(x2) Clothing N/A
Xeno mesh Armour 4 Armour(body, arms, legs
Carapace helm Armour 4 Armour(head)
Deck of Cards Tool Trade tool
Psy-Focus Tool Invocation focus
Normal Ammo(x200) Ammo N/A
Dumdum(x40) Ammo +2 on unarmoured. 1/2 against Armour
Manstopper(x40) Ammo Sets pen to 3
Amputator(x2) Ammo +2 to Damage

Requisitioned Inventory

Name Type Special
Auspex Tool +20 to Awareness when used
Stimm Consumerable Lasts 3D10 rounds, ignore negative effects from damage or critical damage and cannot be stunned.
Micro-bead Tool Personal vox
Photo visor contacts Tool Dark-vision
Respirator Tool +30 to resist effects of gas
Backpack Tool Storage
Magnolars Tool Tactical Binoculars
Provisions Consumerables Field rations
Stummer Tool +30 on silent move test


Source Amount
Salary 860
Requisition 100


Advance Type Cost Current XP 150
Sanctionite Total XP 6600
Living Nightmare T 300 Stat Increase Total cost
Quick Draw T 100 Weapon Skill 0 0
Forbidden Lore (Warp) S 100 Ballistic Skill +5 250
Neonate Strength 0 0
Psy Rating 2 T 200 Toughness +5 250
Rapid Reload T 100 Agility 0 0
Awareness S 100 Intelligence 0 0
Dodge S 100 perception +10 350
Inquiry S 100 Willpower +20 1600
Forbidden Lore (Psykers) S 100
Chem Use S 100
Aspirant Fellowship 0 0
Minor Psychic Power T 100
Soothsaying+10 S 100
Awareness+10 S 100 Contact Cost
Tech Use s 100
Savant Militant Major Diminov 50
Psy Rating 3 T 200
Power Well T 200
Corpus Conversion T 100 Elite Advances Cost
Psychic Power T 200 Sharpshooter 250
Dodge+10 S 100
Chem Use+10 S 100
Savant Warrant
Psychic Power T 100
Awareness+20 S 100
Dead-eye shot T 100
Gamble S 100
Tech use+10 S 100
Lieutenant Savant
Psy Rating 4 T 200
Discipline Focus(Telepathy) T 200
Resistance (Fear) T 100
Jaded T 100
Chem Use S 100
4 Minor Psychic Powers W 400
Savant Adjunct
Power Well T 200


A small ferret like creature with 6 legs and dark grey mottled fur, bound to Rez via implants that pass along his psychic awesomeness


Major Diminov Vestrentri, second administratium division of His Imperial guards armoury. Military intelligence of the third order of Vestrini, the holy branch of investigation. Acoylte of Inquisitor Vandyk

Age: 53

Appearance: A tall white man, lean and fit. A career soldier with 35 years in the military, 22 of which has been spent in the third order of Vestrini, a covert intelligence agency operating in deep space and frontier worlds. 15 of those years were also spent in the service of Inquisitor Vandyk making Diminov a seasoned veteran of warfare against xeno, against man and against disorder and misinformation. Deceptively lithe and with a wicked tongue. Slowly balding and with a receeding hairline most dismiss the soldier as a hasbeen, but they do well to not underestimate the man who has survived decades of political intrigue and intelligence warfare.

Skills and talents

Name Description
Inquiry+20 Expertise in inquiry
Military connections Access to military forces and equipment, classified information and the potential for direct military assistance
Armourer Direct oversight and access to military armour supplies reduces the price of armour by 30%
Dangerous Due to his inquisitional connections the chance of hinderance or direct nterferance is always present

Connection to Rezrel
Rezrel met the major when he was just a lieutenant, but very much involved in the inquisition. Whilst in the retinue of different inquisitors they worked side by side in a small matter of minor importance on a hiveworld many years ago. Recognising each others skills and usefulness they maintained a connection and whilst Diminov is Rezrels senior by both years, rank and experience it seems the young psyker has got most out of the deal so far.

Of course, their inquisitors don’t exactly see eye to eye on things anymore and Rezrel’s trust in the Major’s word and in the plate of his armour is a tenious thing. They trained together, they fought together but that means little when the orders come. Rez knows of the major’s loyalties but the potential value of his sources is too great a reward to discard due to a little bit of potential…misinformation



On first observing Rezrel most tend to discount him. A short, hunched over void-born with greasy thinning ginger hair. A weasel of a man, barely existing and a far cry from the imposing figures of the great Adeptus Astartes or the noble Arbites. Mostly seen in formless multi layed clothing so barely any flesh, if any is ever on show, a great cloak covering himself and the hood usually drawn up. A closer inspection however might grant further insight. That his robes were handmade by a craftsman of exquisite skill, pockets and holsters stashed within the many folds to be discreet and seemingly invisible at anything further than point blank range. And clean, very clean. Those that peer further would notice that the hood oft obscures the Carapace helm contoured to the odd shape of his head thus rendering a certain level of anonymity within the imperium. Those that lookedopen him as a whole would notice the sanctioning mark and look again, spotting the staff, the psykana mercy blade, the sword strapped to his back beneath the cloak. Those that have the misfortunate of being the closest of all will see the beautifully crafted hand cannon phasing into his hand. The power of the warp glittering in his green ever watchful eyes as the bullet leaves the chamber. Then they won’t see much of anything at all.


Rezrel is not the man he used to be. The inquisition started as an adventure. A way to get away from the utter tedium of the station. A way to really indulge in his extremes. For a long time he slipped from one world to another, one emotion to another, an intransient self. Then he met Enri and his horizons expanded. Suddenly the galaxy wasn’t just about killing cultists and hunting heretics. Suddenly the galaxy was about knowledge, and power, and influence and all the things Enri had, Rez wanted. Avaricious, greedy, thirsty for the skill and ability. This drove him, as it drives many acolytes, although few profess such. Neither did Rezrel, openly. He is neither fool nor madman, although he presented as such, a further process of the part he played. The disregarded. Rezrel has an immensely strong will that exhibits in many ways, from simple displays of psychic power to standing his ground against the most horrific of monsters. After all, is he not one of them? Somewhere along the way the pursuit of power became something else, evolved into something else. It was no longer about the power obtained, it was about the power to protect. Upon the spires of Hive Sibellus Rezrel sent a man to die. An innocent man. A man of good intentions, an honest trade and no ill will to the imperium. He sent him to die for the good of the inquisition. Enri might have power, but Rezrel came to believe a greater truth existed. Integrety, faith, duty. To the emperor he had always declared these, the black ships training him well but now he pledged to something else. He pledged his faith and his duty to the imperium. To protect it, to save it from the ruinous powers that the likes of Enri represented. To strike at the foes of man. So he still seeks power, and he is neither selfless or the truest athiest. After all, what man could be a saint when he seeks to save mankind, whilst still a man?


Rezrel met their inquisitor a couple years ago, by chance. A daemonic cult establishes a power base on the station, their malefic presence bends the warp, driving me slowly mad. Word had got out that there was an inquisitor on the station, however and being a psyker around an inquisitor when there’s a malefic presence on the station is a bad thing indeed, so I kept my head down. Unfortunately as the twisting of reality continued I almost broke, seeking the source of this twist on my own. Unfortunately it happens to be that when the inquisitor and her team are on the station searching for the cult as well. So I arrive before their sanctum having followed the misshapen fabric of the warp, alone, about to head through when Zakarea arrives,. She manages to distract or delay me long enough that the inquisitor with their own psyker happens to arrive too, following that same twist of the nature of reality. Being outside a cult sanctum is not a good place to be, however, and we’re both initially incarcerated. Fortunately the evidence is clear that we have not been contaminated or tainted with the work of evil, and the inquisitor notes my unusual yet useful abilities, and my immunity to mindscanning. She and her team leave, but I am not forgotten, years later when her team are wiped out, the memory of myself (and my keeper) come to mind and she arrives on the station with an opportunity. The ghetto of a space station are no place for someone with the potential such as I…

Events and notable achievements

  • Conned their first contact on their first mission out of 5 thrones.
  • Successfully completed his first mission without dying
  • Headshot someone at 45 meters with a pistol
  • Got into a battle of wills with the power of a sun and won.
  • Confounded a great Magos of the techpriest, confounded him to Death
  • Managed to aid in the release of a powerful Xeno, allowed it to escape with a heretical titan of great power
  • Survived his second mission without any friendly fire!
  • Not been stabbed by Zak in over 3 weeks.
  • Involved in the destruction of a large cult, and setting a tiny insignificant portion of Yvaigne on fire for decades to come
  • Hurled a Daemon back into the warp, except probably didn’t.
  • Legshot someone at 65 meters so hard they exploded.

Rezrel Rothsman

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